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    The service life of anti-corrosion wooden guardrails depends on various factors, including wood variety, treatment methods, installation environment, climatic conditions, and daily maintenance.
    Generally speaking, excellent wood guardrails that have undergone anti-corrosion treatment can be used for more than ten years, or even up to twenty to thirty years, but the specific service life still needs to be evaluated based on the actual situation.
    In order to extend the service life of Jinan anti-corrosion wooden guardrails, it is recommended to conduct regular maintenance and upkeep, such as cleaning, painting, or applying anti-corrosion agents.
    The lifespan of anti-corrosion wood is also determined by maintenance. Regular maintenance and painting every year can effectively extend the lifespan, and the lifespan of anti-corrosion wood materials varies depending on the type of material used. The above refers to the lifespan of outdoor anti-corrosion wood, while the lifespan of indoor anti-corrosion wood is definitely over 30 years.
    防腐木是防腐木材的簡稱。由于其防腐、防蟲、木紋清晰、使用壽命長、維護成本低,近年來越來越受到國內建筑和景觀設計師的青睞。但必須看到防腐木建筑和景觀工程投入使用不到三年,出現木結構脫落、腐朽等質量問題,不僅未能發揮防腐木應有的作用,還浪費木材,給環境和人身安 全造成隱患。
    Preservative wood is the abbreviation for preservative wood. Due to its anti-corrosion, insect resistance, clear wood grain, long service life, and low maintenance costs, it has been increasingly favored by domestic architectural and landscape designers in recent years. However, it must be noted that anti-corrosion wood buildings and landscape engineering have been in use for less than three years, resulting in quality problems such as wood structure detachment and decay. This not only fails to play the role of anti-corrosion wood, but also wastes wood, posing hidden dangers to the environment and personal safety.
    When purchasing anti-corrosion wood, try to choose a brand with a trademark or well-known industry, and not just look at the price. Choose a legitimate manufacturer with a legal business license, a fixed factory address and contact address, a certain production or sales scale, and a standard trademark. When purchasing anti-corrosion wood, try to choose anti-corrosion wood with a product inspection certificate. For more related matters, come to our website http://www.gossipsokuhou.com consulting service
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