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    In the early days, when people chose wooden flooring for outdoor balconies, they liked to use solid wood. However, some customers only installed flooring for a year, and the entire wood transformed. This is because the outdoor environment is greatly affected by the weather, and there may be frequent cold and hot alternations, continuous rain, humidity, and other situations. Solid wood needs some time to adapt to the humidity in the environment, and if the wood is not strong enough, it is easy to deform. Therefore, it is recommended to choose corrosion-resistant wood that is not easy to rot or deteriorate, resistant to insects, and suitable for various climate environments in high humidity environments, without the need for paint, and is naturally environmentally friendly. The same applies to the construction of wooden houses and villas.
    Next, let's take a look at how to choose Jinan anti-corrosion wood?
    1. Look at the appearance. Pay attention to checking whether there are knots, cracks, deformations, powders, and other phenomena on the surface of the anti-corrosion wood. If there are knots, it may be prone to insect infestation and other conditions in the future; If there are cracks or deformations, it indicates that the anti-corrosion wood is not properly dried and dried; If there is a powder magazine, it may be due to improper chemical treatment, and it is not recommended to purchase these anti-corrosion wood.
    Here, it should be noted that the color of anti-corrosion wood cannot help us accurately judge the quality of anti-corrosion wood. Some unscrupulous merchants can also make anti-corrosion wood present good luster through various means.
    2. Check the drug loading and penetration depth. This is an important indicator for judging the quality of anti-corrosion wood, as many times artificial anti-corrosion wood (ordinary wood with chemical preservatives added) is used, and the drug loading and penetration depth are insufficient. The anti-corrosion performance and service life of anti-corrosion wood will be greatly affected.
    When purchasing anti-corrosion wood, you can also request relevant certificates and documents from merchants, such as product quality certification system certificates, environmental certificates, etc. It is recommended to purchase through legitimate channels and choose reputable anti-corrosion wood manufacturers in the region.
    Our company http://www.gossipsokuhou.com It is specialized in carrying outdoor landscape wood Structural engineering such as Jinan anti-corrosion wooden houses, anti-corrosion wooden pavilions, anti-corrosion wooden trestles, anti-corrosion wooden flower racks, etc. The wood products developed and produced are superior in color, durability and water absorption, and are widely used in scenic spots, leisure clubs, mountain parks, high-end villas and other scenes. Welcome customers with needs to inquire and negotiate!
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