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    Those familiar with anti-corrosion wood know that anti-corrosion wood is mainly suitable for outdoor wooden construction sites. The purpose of processing anti-corrosion wood is to enhance its ability to resist biological invasion in the natural environment. As anti-corrosion wood is also processed, we also need to pay attention to some details when using Jinan anti-corrosion wood.
    The southern part of China is warm and rainy, and wood is prone to decay and insect damage. Therefore, diffusion methods with high anti-corrosion effectiveness and hot cleaning tank immersion injection methods should be adopted. In coastal areas and areas with severe termite infestation, air dried wood should be used, and oil mist preservatives should be soaked and injected using the hot and cold bath method; Or the upper orange structure is immersed in Sodium fluoride aqueous solution, and the lower structure is immersed in Youxiao preservative.
    In other regions, air dried materials and small components can also be immersed in sodium fluoride aqueous solution using the hot and cold bath method when conditions permit. If it is a wet material, the diffusion method of applying anti-corrosion slurry should be used. The anti-corrosion effect of surface treatment method is very low, and the anti-corrosion agent is easily lost. It cannot be used as the main anti-corrosion wood method, and can only be used to treat the cap wood and skimming beam end face when implementing diffusion method anti-corrosion.
    There are several aspects regarding the maintenance of anti-corrosion wood:
    1. Outdoor anti-corrosion wood should be dried in the shade before construction.
    2. At the construction site, anti-corrosion wood should be stored in a ventilated manner to prevent exposure to sunlight, rain, etc.
    3. When installing anti-corrosion wood flooring, the keel should be controlled within a width of 40-50 centimeters and should not be too wide. When installing the keel, it is recommended to also use anti-corrosion wood keel and brush it with special wood oil to delay the service life of the entire floor and keel.
    4. Preservatively treated wood can prevent fungi, mold, and termite corrosion, as well as cracking. However, it is still recommended to wait for the wood to be installed, polished, and coated with anti-corrosion wood special weather resistant wood oil or wood wax oil on its surface for 1-2 times. Wait until it is completely dry before use. The maintenance period is generally around 2 years, and the paint should be applied once.
    That's all for the use of anti-corrosion wood in different environments. We hope it can help you. If you have any doubts or needs, please feel free to come to our website at any time http://www.gossipsokuhou.com consulting service
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