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    Do you know why anti-corrosion wooden corridors are used in landscape engineering? Let the landscape manufacturer in Jinan, Shandong province take you to understand the role of anti-corrosion wooden corridors in landscape engineering.
    1. Forming a Scenery by Combining Corridors
    The plane of the corridor frame can be freely combined, and the posture of the corridor is also transparent and unobstructed, especially good at combining with the terrain. "Whether it is on the mountainside or on the edge of poor water, it has flowers and valleys, winding endlessly", integrating with nature, reflecting the beauty of combining nature and artificial in the garden scenery.
    2. The connection function of anti-corrosion wooden corridor frame
    Connect various scenic spots and attractions in the garden into an orderly whole, although scattered but not scattered. The corridor frame connects individual buildings into an organic group, making the main and secondary buildings distinct and well arranged. The corridor can cooperate with the garden road to form a network of passages for sightseeing and various activities throughout the park, connecting the entire park with "lines".
    3. Practical functions of anti-corrosion wooden corridor frames
    The corridor frame has the characteristic of a series of lengths and is suitable for use as an exhibition room. In modern gardens, various exhibition galleries, such as the Golden Fish Gallery, Flower Gallery, Calligraphy and Painting Gallery, combine their exhibition content and form perfectly, and are popular among the masses. In addition, the corridor also has the function of preventing rain and sunlight, creating a beautiful environment for rest and sightseeing.
    4. Anticorrosive wooden corridor frame can separate and enclose the space
    Divide a small courtyard at the corners and ends of the flower wall, and plant bamboo and grass to form a small landscape, which can make the space penetrate each other, constantly separated, and layered. The corridor can also enclose the open and spacious space into a closed space, with a sense of closure in the open and tranquility in the lively, doubling the ever-changing atmosphere of the space.
    Anticorrosive wood should use its existing size and shape as much as possible, and the damaged parts should be coated with anti-corrosion agents and outdoor protective coatings; Due to the fact that the anti-corrosion wood itself is a semi-finished product, the rough part can be sanded again after the moisture content of the wood is reduced to below 20%. For better results, after cleaning the surface, outdoor protective coatings can also be applied. For more related matters, come to our website http://www.gossipsokuhou.com Consult!
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